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cut my hair. [25 Aug 2005|08:27am]
cut my hair!!!
cut my hair..
most people want to kill me ro slap me.
but i like it so ha ha ha ha.

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so how can i call this love and not bare my cross? [08 Aug 2005|10:27am]
[ mood | okay ]

well i have not posted in here in awhile.

my thoughts:
in the morning.
i feel slightly depressed about the state of this world.
how we don't care about our fellow man not even ones that live down the street.
or someone we see on the street.
where has our feeling gone?
its like vanquished.
i think we submerse ourselves in hobbys or fun to distract ourselves from the truth.
that people are dying and hurting all around us.
"no that doesnt happen in this country" well you are wrong
its happening world wide and no one is lifting a finger.
no i cant say that there are plenty of people that are doing all that they can.
but its not enough. they are a few against a large problem.
what if all of us on a daily basiss actually started caring.
even just a little.
still i am part of this problem just as much as you are.
we are all dragging down humanity. even though humanity has no loftyness.
mayebe i shall go drown myself in fun and what i think i need to do today.
i probably will but at 10:28 i thought of what i should do.
probably didnt. but neither did you.

my pictures:

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God Bless.

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busted up glass [08 Jul 2005|08:06am]
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slightly better.
sooo many good bands.
the chariot was prolly the best.
and i broke a blood vessel in my hand, at haste the day, its realy really gross and i would post a picture of it but you guys might get really disgusted.
ive been working double shifts all week and i feel exhausted.
leaving for work in five minutes

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me looking like a idiot

i have the greatest story about going to d avenue (d is for dangerous) in rochester
it happened yesterday.
but i really dont want to post it here lol.

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